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BioCareer LaunchPad

20 Live Classes- 1 month - 4 Modules- Certificate

Let me begin by saying that “By the end of this program, you'll be confident in navigating your professional journey. You will be well equipped with that all the tools and strategies to pursue any of the 40+ diverse career options available to Life Science individuals  based on your unique interests and skillsets. No More being Lost!

"Your Doorway to Transition from Academia to Industry"

Why this course has been put together?


Did you know that there are more than 40 career options for Life Science Individuals, but there is no one, absolutely no one who is able to leverage such huge opportunity to build a successful career for themselves. At your institute:

  • You may be gaining technical knowledge through your curriculums, but no one is teaching you how to get a job thereafter.

  • You may be scoring the highest in your class, but no one is telling that it is your Network that will get you hired.

  • You may be taking certificate courses one after the other, but no one is telling you that if you build visibility on LinkedIn, job opportunities start flowing towards you.

  • You may be trying hard to publish papers, but no one is telling you that you need to build personal brand to become a recruiter magnet.

  • You may be trying to get an internship or a job by applying to online job portals, but no one is telling that nobody behind the screen is looking at those resumes to give you a chance.


You have blocked your own mind by agreeing to so many myths around career options is life science domain.

Solo Trip

Who is this course for?

For all who want to fast-track their transition from academia to industry confidently with the right tools and strategies in hand to land their desired job role! 


Life Science individuals are one of the brightest minds out there, but they struggle to get hired!


And It’s high time to learn how you can do justice to your intellect, worth and passion by learning how to prepare yourself to build a successful career in Life Sciences.


Now if you are someone who:


  • Wants to break the chains of frustration of following the traditional path and ending up no where,

  • Clear the dark clouds of “What next”,

  • And ready to walk down the path of career building in life sciences domain,


This course is for you!

Eligibility: All life sciences related Bachelor's, Master's, PhDs and Postdocs willing to pursue a successful career. 

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Taking Notes in Class

Course Details

With the emphasis on activity and experiential based learning, you will be moulded to take charge of your career confidently.

Module 1: Preparing for the transformation (Week 1)


  • Course Introduction

  • Debunking Career related Myths

  • Building growth mindset to become professionally confident

  • Know Yourself_ Introduction to Science Career Finder Tool and Candidates Take the Test

  • Discussion on Science Career Finder Report Received

  • Online Evaluation

Module 2: LinkedIn profile Mastery (Week 2)

  • Importance of LinkedIn profile & overview

  • Decoding LinkedIn profile structure

  • Deep dive into LinkedIn profile optimization

  • Building visibility through LinkedIn

  • Practices to boost LinkedIn profile reach

  • Online Evaluation

Module 3: Resume Building Proficiency (Week 3)

  • CV Vs Resume | General Overview

  • Dissecting Resume Structure

  • Intro to Transferable skills + Activity

  • Resume Sentence Building Framework

  • Resume Tailoring Concept

  • Online Evaluation

Module 4:  Master The Art of Networking & Prepare for Interviews (Week 4)

  • Relevance of Networking

  • Building Network Online and Offline

  • Mastering Networking Conversations

  • Life Science Interview basics

  • Commonly asked Questions

  • How to end the Interview in the right manner

  • Online Evaluation, Feedback and Q&A

  • E-certificates Distribution

Course Duration, Time & Fees

Monday to Friday - 8 PM to 9 PM IST

Starting from 3rd June to 29th June 2024

Fees: 5000 INR

Clock and Plant

This is your chance to compliment your technical knowledge with professional grooming and correct job search strategies so that you can build a successful career in Life Sciences.


I guarantee you that one time investment in this course will make you professionally confident that you will get stuck in your Career Path.


See you on the other side on June 3rd at 8 PM.

Meet your Mentor


Dr. Nidhi Khurana has successfully transitioned from academia to industry and has guided 2500+ life sciences students for career building. 

Know more!

What her students say about her sessions?​


"It was a really helpful program. It’s one of those situations where someone can either provide you with fish or teach you how to fish. This program taught me how to harness my potential and use LinkedIn in my favor. I may not have gotten a job yet but at least I am sure if I continue doing what was taught to me I will get one soon. A heartfelt thank you to Nidhi whose primary focus was not only to make us understand how to go about the whole process but also to make us feel confident enough to say we will continue the process even after the course. She never cared for the time, even if we were exceeding the set time she made sure all the questions were answered and problems solved before finishing the session."- Lausonia Ramaswamy, M.Tech, IIT Bombay.​​


"It is a great initiative to help understand the importance of networking especially through online platforms like linkedin to achieve success in finding our desired job in lifesciences. Dr Nidhi is truly passionate and extremely helpful in clearing all doubts."- KT Smitha, Early Career Professional. 


​"The session with Dr. Nidhi Khurana was very informative and got insights into how to go about buliding a career in life sciences. Would absolutely recommend to have a session with her to anyone who is looking to get a head start in buliding a career in life sciences."- Sonal Kudva, MSc, IBAB.

"I highly recommend Metis Hive for any Life science student looking for career guidance. My experience with Metis hive was very enlightening. I came across valuable information about several career opportunities after PhD and how to approach for these career options. Apart from that, the mentor Dr.Nidhi not only provided me with insightful suggestions but was also a very empathetic listener to my queries."- Harshita Saxena, Pursuing Ph.D.

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