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Choose the session that suits you the best

At Metis Hive, we counsel Life Science students towards a fulfilling career. We strongly believe that each individual has unique capabilities, and choosing the right career path is imperative to tap their full potential. So let's connect and take the first step in your path towards success.

Mentoring is our forte and we want each one of you to excel in your Life Science Career

Business Meeting

Science Career Finder Tool


If you feel stuck and confused about which career path to choose, our smart algorithm can help you. Get a detailed profile of your strengths and personalized career recommendations.

Business Meeting



For those struggling to navigate through the interview process. A mock interview followed by personalized guidance from our mentors to crack those multiple rounds of interviews.

Business Interview

Personal Mentoring Session


A 45-minute exclusive session with a mentor where you can discuss your burning questions about your education and career and more. Ideal for someone with a lot of questions in their mind.

Business Meeting



Our flagship product for those struggling to get their dream job. A complete package that takes their of your profile curation, job search strategy, the application process to interviews.

What is Science Career Finder Tool?

  • Our innovative tool uses a quiz format to assess your skill sets and identify your top career options. With Science Career Finder, you'll receive a detailed profile of your strengths, areas of improvement, and personalized career recommendations, to help you succeed in your chosen career path.

  • Finding the right career can be daunting, but Science Career Finder takes the guesswork out of the equation.


What happens in the personal mentoring session?

  • An exclusive 45-minute long session with one of our mentors. 

  • You can utilise these 45-minutes to ask your specific queries, discuss your roadblocks and create an action plan detailing your next steps.

  • It is an excellent opportunity to get all your doubts cleared and take that first step towards you bright career.

  • Our mentors are highly qualified industry-professionals who have acquired PhDs and have successfully transitioned to industry.

  • Ideal for those who have a very specific query about their career or those who want to discuss their long-term plans with the mentors.

  • Cost: INR 359 only

Personal Metoring

What is Strategy@Metis?

  • A module where our mentors engage with our mentees for 2-3 months and hand-hold them in their job search strategy.

  • It includes four cohort sessions with about 4-5 other mentees, where the mentors would take you through best practices and guide you about the various aspects of Job search and two personal mentoring sessions where our mentors would exclusively sit with you to refine your resume, linkedIn profile, curate your messages and address your specific roadblocks.

  • You would be part of a closed whatsapp group, where you can continuously interact with our mentors.

  • The module covers various aspects including but not limited to LinkedIn and Resume curation, Skill-to-Career Mapping, identifying target employers, networking and communications, Personal branding, interview preparation and personalised support in job hunting.
    Ideal for those who want to bring their ace game in the Job Search process. This is your one-stop solution for all your job search queries.

  • Cost: INR 2549 only


100+ Experiences

From Life Science professionals globally

350+ hours

of mentoring Bachelors, Masters, PhDs, Postdocs and medical professionals

800+ students

benefitted from our career counselling strategies

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Metis Hive is here for you

  • With a collective experience of over 25 years in the Life Science domain, we bring you a well-curated roadmap to guide you towards success.

  • Our modules are designed to address your career-related queries

  • Our testimonials from Life Science students across various branches and courses speak volumes for us.

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