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Hands-on training

How to get Internships in Industry and Academia

19th November 2023
11 AM - 12:30 PM

Showcase your skills to get your dream internship

​Step-by-step process to apply for an internship uncovering various aspects such as:

  • Identify decision makers: Find the right people to connect

  • Network: Build relationships and grow

  • Effective Communications: Convey your abilities and interests

  • Resume Curation: Highlight skills and accomplishments

  • Cover Letter: Show interest and align skills concisely

  • LinkedIn Profile: Showcase expertise and build a personal brand

  • Technical Interactions: Explain complex concepts efficiently

Image by John Schnobrich
Running Shoes
  • It is time to get your dream internship by learning strategies to effectively communicate your academic experience to potential employers.

  • Craft compelling messages, cover letters, and elevator pitches that showcase your abilities to build a bright career in Life Sciences.

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