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Unlock Your Career Potential with InterviewExcel@Metis

Are you a Life Science student ready to transition into the professional world but having doubts about cracking interviews ? We're here to support you! 🚀

This program is designed to help you excel in interviews by conducting mock interviews and providing personal guidance on how to ace them!

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Mock Interviews

Nothing can prepare you better than a mock interview based on your resume and the target job. 

Personalized Tips

We provide tailored feedback and guidance to enhance your interview presentation.

Elevator Pitch

Craft a compelling elevator pitch for HR and hiring manager rounds to leave a lasting impression.

Interview Excellence

Acquire the right words and attitude to leave that lasting impression on your interviewer.

Negotiation Mastery

Learn the essential negotiation skills, from determining your worth to cracking salary expectations.

Boost Confidence

Our session is designed to boost your confidence and help you confidently pursue your dream job.

How You Will Benefit?

  • Interview Excelling Skills: Our program equips you with the practical tips and knowledge necessary to excel in interviews for science jobs, biotechnology jobs, pharmaceutical roles, and across various healthcare and life sciences industries.

  • Confidence Building: Through a series of mock interviews and hands-on training, you'll gain the confidence needed to perform exceptionally well in real job interviews, eliminating doubts about your ability to crack the interview.

  • You gain access to "Blueprint for daily job search activities" at no extra cost.

  • Personal Mentoring to master negotiation tactics, craft an unforgettable elevator pitch, and explore hidden job opportunities

  • Understand the ins and outs of interviews

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What You Should be Ready With ?

  • Your Resume 📄

  • Job Description 📋

  • Ambition and Enthusiasm 💪

Want to know the tricks to crack that interview in your dream company?

Pricing That Fits Your Needs

At InterviewExcel@Metis, we understand that your journey to a fulfilling career should be accessible and flexible. That's why we offer two tailored pricing options to suit your needs:

💼 Basic InterviewExcel - 1 Session of 1 Hour: Rs 649

A 20-minute interview followed by feedback and scope of improvement

💼 Advanced InterviewExcel - 2 Sessions of 1 Hour Each: Rs 1049

Two  20-minute interviews, covering concepts relevant for multiple interview rounds along with elevator pitch creation, STAR method and storytelling improvisations.


Payment Process

Once you've chosen the package that suits you best and made the payment, here's what you can expect:

📧 Confirmation Email: Within 24 hours, you'll receive an email from us with a form and link to book your session.

📝 Form Submission: You'll need to upload your resume and the job description of your target role in this form.

🗓️ Scheduling Your Session: Your session will be scheduled once we receive these two documents. We want to make sure your session is personalized and productive.

Remember, you're not alone in your journey to a fulfilling career. We're here to guide and support you every step of the way, helping you shine in your interviews and unlock the doors to your dream job.

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