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Master Class

Unlocking Opportunities in Germany: MSc, PhD, and Internships

5th November 2023
11 AM - 1 PM IST

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Pursuing an MSc in Germany​
  • Explore the benefits of pursuing your Master's degree in Germany.

  • Learn about the options for returning to your home country or continuing your career in Germany.

  • Discover the application process, scholarships, and funding opportunities.

  • Get insights into building a successful career path after completing your MSc.

Want to know everything about the process?

Embarking on a PhD Journey in Germany

  • Understand the advantages of pursuing a PhD in Germany.

  • Explore the pathways to continue working in Germany or returning to India.

  • Get guidance on selecting the right research program and securing funding.

  • Gain insights into academic and industry career prospects post-PhD.


We bring information about all this and more for you in this masterclass.

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Maximizing Your Experience with Internships

  • Learn about the value of summer internships for international students in Germany.

  • Explore internship opportunities and how they can enhance your resume.

  • Understand the process of securing internships and relevant work permits.

  • Hear success stories from students who have leveraged internships for career growth.

    Join us at the masterclass and take the first step towards a brighter future in Germany

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