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Master Class

Roadmap to Launch your Life Sciences Career

27th November
11 AM - 1 PM

Image by Elisa Ventur

Do you also feel lost when it comes to applying for a job after getting the degree in your hand?

Our curriculum does not focus on career building at all! This leaves the life sciences students with no knowledge of how to get their desired job after their getting there degree. They do not know where to start from.


Well, its time to learn the correct strategy!

Want to know the top five action items to help you get a job in Life Sciences industry?

Do you find it difficult to fit in the job requirements by the industry?

We often find a disconnect between what we learn in our colleges and the job requirements posted by the industry. We do not know how to show our experience and skills acquired in academia to industry required skillsets on our resumes and LinkedIn profile! 

We can guide you to overcome these obstacles!

Image by Markus Winkler
Running Shoes

It is time to learn the strategies that will take your job search process to the next level. 

Come and join us in this masterclass where we will reveal the most important steps to secure a job in Life Science.

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