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Master Class

Study and Work in Germany
Prospects for Life Science Students

23rd April 2023
11 AM - 1 PM IST

Job interview

1. Know why you should choose Germany for your higher studies and career. 

2. Learn about the types of universities and courses offered to pursue higher studies and launch your career in Germany

3. Be confident about job prospects in Germany 

4. Get to know what is the application process to study or work in Germany

5. Have clarity on the living expenses incurred after you move to Germany 

6. Become acquainted with different types of visas and which visa will suit you the best if you want to move to  Germany

Want to know everything about the process?

Do you want to study abroad, and you think you cannot afford it?

​Well, if you don't know already, Germany is one of the most favourable countries for international students. In most colleges, there is no tuition fee. You get a lot of part-time work opportunities which can cover your living expenses and can even let you save some. 

We bring information about all this and more for you in this masterclass.

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Running Shoes

Do you dream of going to Europe for your dream job?

Do you want to settle in Europe but don't know where to start? Are you worried about the cost involved in the whole process? We have got all the information for you.

Want to know everything about the process: Application to Visa to the cost involved?

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