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Master Class

Mastering Your Future in America

14th May 2023
5 PM - 7 PM IST

Job interview

1. Do you aspire to pursue your higher education in the US?

2. Are you confused about the efforts required to pursue higher studies and launch your career in the US?

3. Do you want to know about the research visa options in the USA, and how can you apply for them?

4. Do you want to know the application process to study or work in the US?

5. Are you worried about securing funding to support your higher education or research in the USA? 

6. Are you curious about the cultural differences in American institutions and how you can navigate them successfully?

Want to know everything about the process?

Do you want to study abroad, and you think you cannot afford it?

​Well, there are many funding opportunities that take care of your educational expenses.  You get a lot of part-time work opportunities which can cover your living expenses and can even let you save some. 

We bring information about all this and more for you in this masterclass.

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