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Master Class

The Roadmap to Industry: Insider Strategies for Life Science Job Seekers"

25th June 2023 
11 AM - 1 PM

Job interview

Do you know about 80% of jobs are never advertised?

The truth that no one tells you is that only 15%-20% of the available job positions are marketed and advertised publicly! Almost 80% of positions are

never posted or advertised!

Want to know the tricks to apply for hidden job opportunities?

Are you ready to dive into the
Life Science Industry?

  • Uncover hidden industry opportunities and maximize your job search success.

  • Master job hunting strategies to secure your dream life science position.

  • Excel in life science interviews and confidently showcase your expertise.

  • Receive guidance from our expert for long-term success in the industry.

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Running Shoes

Do you want to unleash your maximum potential tested strategies by the experts?

Don't limit yourself to the handful of jobs that you see on the job portals online and take the leap forward by applying to numerous Life Science jobs with the winning strategy.

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