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Master Class

Academia to Industry:
Strategies to showcase your academic experience as corporate skills

30th July 2023
11 AM - 1 PM
Registration Closed

Job interview

Are you struggling to showcase your academic skills to get hired in industry?

Well, its time to learn the correct strategy!

We learn relevant skills in academia but most of us don't know how to showcase in our resume, LinkedIn profile and during our conversations.

Want to know the best way to showcase your academic skills?

How to include your research projects as an experience for an industry job?

  • Do you want to showcase your research experience as relevant industry experience?

  • Do you want to emphasize the relevance of your academic projects, internships, and coursework for
    industry requirements.


We can guide you to overcome these obstacles!

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  • It is time to get your dream job by learning strategies to effectively communicate your academic experience to potential employers.

  • Craft compelling resumes, cover letters, and elevator pitches that showcase your academic background on your journey to climb the corporate ladder.

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