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Master Class

Create a Job-winning Resume for Life Science Career in the US and India

24th Sep 2023
11 AM - 1 PM IST

About your mentor

Sindhu Velmurugan,
Senior Research Associate, Voyager Therapeutics

Hear from Sindhu Velmurugan, a senior research associate with expertise in AAV-based gene therapy, the strategies to craft the job-winning resume that will "stand out".
With a bachelor’s degree in biotech from India and a master's degree in Biotech from the US, Sindhu brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. She is committed to guiding life science professionals in navigating the complex landscape of career paths in the US. Join us on this exciting  and resourceful masterclass!

Job interview

Are you a life science professional looking to stand out in a competitive job market?

Want to know how artificial intelligence can elevate your life science resume?

Ready to take your life science career to new heights?


Unlock the secrets to crafting a winning resume that resonates with employers in the life sciences industry. 
Join our masterclass to learn how to overcome resume hurdles, utilize cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT, and navigate ATS for success.

We bring information about all this and more for you in this masterclass.
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