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It always feels great when you can make a difference in someone else's life. We are proud to be part of the career journey of over 50 individuals so far. Their love and kind words humble us. It motivates us to be better and do more every day.

Poojitha, MSc Biotechnology

It is very interesting. This session was very helpful to life science students, majorly who struggling for job opportunities and how to make a career in a proper way, Really thank you so much.

Deepanshu, B.Pharm

It was an interesting interaction, coming to know a lot about the Mentors and also my co-attendees. My prime takeaway with this session is that the Job we wanna pursue is all about exploring by ourself What's right and how networking and planning a roadmap can help in this!

Nischal, BTech Biotechnology

The session was very informative since such topics are not keenly explored about in college, atleast in my college, we only get discouraged that life science has less opportunities by our seniors, but today's session has opened the plethora of fields I could work and direct my interest towards the work which could grip me. I would like to attend all the upcoming sessions as well. Thank You for this wonderful session !!

Aafia, BSc Biochemistry

I appreciate it so much that someone out there had this idea of giving honest and realistic career guidance to the youth of life sciences. The session was so informative and fun that I couldn't keep the track of time! I'm glad I was a part of it and I look forward to more such sessions.

Krishna, MSc, Amity Noida

Thank you for session on last Friday. It really helped me to understand more about career opportunities available for a post graduate in life science and how competitive it is.

Ruksana,  MSc Biochemistry

It was again a great session yesterday. I got to know about science communication, drugs development, research and development procedures, clinical trials and how to identify myself.
All these topics and my questions have been answered by you in a such a way that I am not afraid to explore and go ahead in these interdisciplinary courses.
I too got to know about how to enhance my LinkedIn profile and how to be more visible on the same. I also got too know about the personal branding which I think now is the biggest weapon to make your professional profile out of the box.
Thank you so much again for this wonderful opportunity to have sessions with you and talk to you. It feels great to know that you're not alone in your fight. 

Ishan, BTech Biotechnology

It was really good. I've been looking for some guidance regarding internships, projects, and career path after bachelors in general, and today attending this session clearly solved many of those queries, if not all. Excited to see what more sessions you have planned. :)

Alekhya, BSc Genetics

It's a really informative session I actually learned many things which I'm not aware of . 

Rayees, BSc Biochemistry

Out of all the webinars I have attended till date, this session was the best.

Pravalika, BSc 

It was very informative and useful. I got to know many interesting n new thing to do in after bsc which I didn't knew it before, thank you.

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