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A Specialised Series by Metis Hive

Know Your Life Sciences Careers

Unlock Your Path in Life Sciences: Career Series Talk! 

 Metis Hive brings you an exclusive Career Series Talk, where industry professionals will guide you through the keys to success in various life science career streams.

The upcoming talk in the series by Dr Kalyani Korla

on 5th May2024,  11 am

Transition from Academia to
Product Management

Academic Research to Product Management

Dr. Kalyani Korla

Associate Director, Product Development and Marketing @Datafoundry Pvt Ltd

Dr. Kalyani earned her PhD in Biochemistry and was awarded the prestigious Dr. DS Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship for her Postdoctoral Research at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. She began her corporate journey as a Technical Project Manager at a Healthtech startup incubated at IIT-Bombay. Later, she transitioned into the EdTech sector as a Product Manager. Presently, she serves as an Associate Director of Product Development at an AI Healthtech company, where she spearheads the development of impactful products. In her current role, she leads the development of an AI-powered Literature Surveillance Tool for Pharmacovigilance activities.

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Past events: Transition from Academia to Industry

Academic Research to Life Science Consultancy

Dr. Ninad Agashe

Senior Capabilities & Insights Analyst at McKinsey & Company

Dr. Agashe earned his PhD in Chemical Biology and Biomolecular Engineering from EPFL (Switzerland) and smoothly transitioned to a Strategy/Management Consulting role within the Life Science and Biopharma practice at McKinsey & Co. in June 2022.

In this role, he assists global biopharma companies in attaining R&D excellence and formulating effective portfolio strategies. Driven by a commitment to navigating the swiftly evolving technological and regulatory landscape, he employs fact-based benchmarking and leads digital and AI-led transformations. 

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“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”
— Isaac Newton

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  2. Job Descriptions Demystified: Decode the complexities of job descriptions! Explore the intricacies of each role, ensuring you understand the expectations and responsibilities associated with your dream job.

  3. Selection Process Mastery: Elevate your interview game! Discover tips and tricks for crafting an outstanding CV, tackling case studies, and showcasing your unique strengths to potential employers.

  4. Industry Trends: Understand the current and future demand for life science professionals in different roles. Get a sneak peek into the thriving sectors actively seeking your expertise.

  5. Tailored Guidance: Uncover who should consider a particular career path. Delve into the pros and cons, growth trajectories, and the ideal candidate profiles for each r

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